Cartesian Corporation

Quality Fabrication for Over 75 Years


Cartesian was formed with the goal of combining the expertise of craftsmen with the technology of today to solidify a foundation for first class manufacturing.  To this foundation we have added the systems and trained personnel to efficiently supply our customers with the parts, services, and value they need in order to be competitive.

Cartesian Corp. has a  range of customers varying from the railroad, diesel power supply, and agricultural industries.   We believe we have the experience and equipment to manufacture utilizing the most economical methods.


Laser Cutting

co2 laser cutting

Four lasers with up to 3,500 watts of cutting power.

turret punch

CNC Turret Punching

AMADA turret presses

Coma 375 Thick Turret, and Vella Turret.

CNC bending

CNC Bending 

CNC Press breaks

Variety of press breaks to serve your needs, up to 350 tons of pressure and single setup, multiple bend length and angle ability.

MIG welding


precision welding

Precision welding with experienced welding technicians.  We can design and fabricate our own jigs and fixtures. 

Powder Coating and Plating services available.